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DIY Microwaveable Neck Warmer

We're Bringing The Heat!!!!

How to arrange an ergonomic work-from-home desk set-up was definitely the number one inquiry when the COVID-19 quarantine began.  Thanks to awkward working postures the number 2 question was: what do I use for my pain, heat or ice?  Our comfort zone is a warm place.  And so, almost no matter what kind of pain you have, heat is usually helpful.  Ice and heat are both analgesics (relieve pain), so as a rule of thumb I usually tell people to go with what they like because believe it or not, not everybody loves heat.  

There are some instances when heat may not be a good idea, such as using it for pain due to infection; flare-ups from osteoarthritis; or a fresh injury (acute inflammation).

Using heat to reduce painful/aching muscles, trigger points, or soreness from exercise, not only feels good, but has real neurological effects.  The brain probably interprets a safe source of warmth as good.  This feeling of "safety" calms the nervous system, which in turn helps decrease our pain.  Heat induces relaxation and relaxation reduces resting muscle tone.  

Sooooo what better gift to give than the gift of warmth from the East York Therapy team.  All you need is a few household items and VOILA!!!  Your very own hot pack!!



What you’ll need:


Large sock

Needle and thread

Here’s how:

Fill sock with 5 cups of rice

Sew together opening

I’ve added some dried lavender for the relaxation benefits. You could also add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.

Pop it in the microwave for 2 mins and all your neck tension can be eased for days to come!