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Theresa Liu, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Theresa graduated from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in 2012.  She has experience in a range of settings, including, neurological rehabilitation,  interdisciplinary environments, spas and in-home visits.

Theresa is skilled in providing many modalities in her practise, including: myofascial release, Thai yoga massage, lymphedema massage, general Swedish massage, including deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, stretching, and NKT. 

NKT, or Neurokinetic Therapy, has become Theresa's true specialty. She combines this technique into each treatment to help her patients maintain and correct muscle imbalances which allows for longer pain relief.

What is NKT?

Neurokinetic Therapy is an approach to assess and correct muscle imbalances, joint instability, and limited range of motion. It helps to restore balance and enhance function in the human body.

In her spare time, Theresa is a fanatic about cross-fit and loves salsa dancing!!!  


Monday: 9am-3pm

Tuesday: 2pm-7pm

Wednesday: 2pm-7pm

Thursday: 2pm-7pm

Friday: 9am-3pm

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